Vika Quote

Hi {shipperName}! {firstName} here, with ABC Car Shipping. We have received your request to transport {makeAndModel} from {oCitySt} to {dCitySt} and I’m texting to let you know that we have a regular driver on this route who can pick your vehicle up for total {tariff} including all fees, taxes and insurance. It’s a door to …

1 – Text-1 (SMS Quote)

Hi {shipperName}, this is {firstName}, with ABC Car Shipping. We can ship your vehicle for {tariff}. All fees, taxes, insurance, and door-to-door delivery included! We are fully licensed and bonded. No hidden fees or upfront payments! If you have any questions, call or text me back. Would you like to proceed?

3 – Text-3 (SMS Follow-up 2)

Hi, {shipperName} here with ABC Car Shipping checking if you are still interested in shipping your vehicle for {tariff}. Have questions? Call or text back!

2 – Text-2 (SMS Follow-up 1)

{shipperName}, I just wanted to follow up and see if you are ready to move forward with shipping your vehicle. When do you need it to be picked up?

1 – Second quote

Hi {shipperName}, I have a driver scheduled in {oCitySt} on {shipDate}. Call me and we’ll make a deal. Thank you, {firstName}, ABC Car Shipping

MC#: 1316725 USDOT: 3730551 Bond Insurance Amount: $75,000.00 Policy: 7901081853