How to Choose a Car Shipping Company

At ABC Car Shipping, we believe that transparency and honesty are non-negotiable. However, not everyone sees it this way. Unfortunately, some companies in our industry resort to deceptive practices to secure customers and we see it as our duty to warn you about such practices so you could make an informed decision when choosing a company to transport your vehicle.

Dishonest Brokers

Deceptive Pricing Tactics

Every company reaching out to you is a broker. Don’t be fooled by car shipping companies offering unbelievably low prices—they often use deceptive tactics to lock you in a contract and then dramatically raise the rates. READ MORE

Constant Overpromising

Don't fall for representatives who claim they have a driver ready to pick up your vehicle immediately— no company in this industry can guarantee exact dates. READ MORE

Upfront Payments

Reputable car shipping companies never charge upfront fees. At ABC Car Shipping, you won’t pay a cent until we’ve found a driver and you’re satisfied with our choice. READ MORE


1) What do I do if I have already paid a deposit?

  • Review Your Communication with Your Broker
  • Check Documentation
  • Request Carrier Information
  • Verify Carrier Information READ MORE

2) Why it is not a good idea to book with more than one broker?

Booking multiple auto transport brokers might seem smart, but it will inevitably lead to price hikes, service delays, and unreliable carriers. Stick with one broker to ensure fair pricing and quality service, avoiding the headaches of hidden costs and potential vehicle damage. READ MORE

3) How do I verify that the company I’m dealing with is a broker or a carrier?

  • Check the Company’s Website and Customer reviews
  • Review the Company Snapshot at FMCSA SAFER website using their USDOT & MC numbers

Remember, carriers typically do not reach out directly to customers due to industry practices. If a company contacts you offering transportation services, it's likely a broker. READ MORE

4) What do I do if a broker is posting my vehicle without my authorization and refuses to remove it from the load board?

If a broker is posting your vehicle without your consent and refuses to remove it, verify you haven't signed any contracts. Then, directly contact the agent, stating their actions are illegal and let them know you will report them and share your negative feedback online. This approach often gets faster results than filing formal complaints. READ MORE

5) Why it is not a good idea to pay any deposit prior to your vehicle being picked up?

Paying a deposit upfront to a company locks you into a contract for the service that they may fail to fulfil, thus, leaving you vulnerable to delays or higher costs. Reputable companies don’t ask for deposits, ensuring you’re not at risk of fraud or disappointment. READ MORE

6) How do I make sure the broker company is telling the truth that they have a driver?

Did you receive emails or text messages claiming a driver is ready to pick up your car? Verify the company's USDOT and MC on FMCSA SAFER website to see if they are a broker or carrier. Brokers typically don’t have drivers on standby, so such claims are often false. Be cautious of pressure tactics and take your time to research the company’s credibility before committing. READ MORE

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