Why ABC Car Shipping?

Best Rates on the Market

Get your vehicle safely delivered straight to your door without spending a dime extra. At ABC Car Shipping, we offer a personalized approach so that you can enjoy an easy and hassle-free shipment process. Our logistics agents will find the best transport solution to meet your needs at 100%. Instead of paying for the standard service pack, you will get the best offer to hold on to your money for something else.

High Customer Satisfaction

Our customer reviews speak out loud about our professionalism and approach to the work we do. At ABC Car Shipping, we keep our focus on service quality and customer satisfaction. Safe and fast car transportation across 48 states throughout the US, flexible pricing policy, door-to-door vehicle delivery by professional auto carriers - all these make our customers give us 10 out of 10 when rating our services.

Top Notch Customer Service

We are not a typical 9-to-5 company that is impossible to reach out to on weekends or holidays. At ABC Car Shipping, we are online and ready to help you round the clock, 365 days a year. No matter if you have any questions related to vehicle transportation, want to order a service, or need to know where the truck with your car is. Our logistics specialists won’t make you wait.

Best Driver Pick Guarantee

We doubt that you are ready to entrust your precious car to a stranger, and you do not have to. At ABC Car Shipping, we work with trusted auto carriers who have solid expertise and experience in this business. We are even ready to monitor your shipment around the clock to ensure that all is fine with it. Having more than 25,000 auto carriers in our database, we find drivers in 99% of cases regardless of the order type or the price quote.

$75,000 Insurance Coverage

You can rest assured about the safety of your car. At ABC Car Shipping, we provide $75,000 insurance coverage, which is a kind of guarantee that your vehicle will be delivered damage-free. Insurance coverage is a part of our service agreement that both of us sign. We also hire fully licensed and insured transport drivers, so your auto assets are protected and secure in our capable hands.

Easy Order Cancellation Procedure

You do not have to pay for the service that you do not need. We understand that things may change. You may not need our transportation help at the moment, or some service agreement details may change on your end. That’s why you are free to choose whether to cancel or postpone the order. To discuss changes in your order, just give us a call - and we will find the best solution together!

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